Support Center

We offer three subscription levels. A Free Trial subscription with a 3 day access in our platform, the Premium Pro Subscription which comes at 25 euro per month and the Trader Pro Subscription which comes at 45 euro per month.

You can access our platform with the Free Trial Subscription for 3 days free of charge. If you decide to purchase a subscription you must know that it is renewed automatically each month but you can cancel it any time through your dashboard.

Firstly the main free service is the Free Trial that offers you a 3 day free access at the Premium Pro Level. Secondly you can participate at our Facebook Group, and follow our Facebook Page. Thirdly you can follow us in YouTube and finally read our Crypto News.

The Premium Pro Subscriptions offers:

  • A Daily Trading Report and a Weekend Report for 23 Cryptocurrencies.
  • Access to the Premium Pro Dashboard which includes: Connection to third part apps, Crypto News, Crypto Indicators, Our Portfolio, Our trading Report Archive, Tutorials.
  • Access to our Telegram Channels and our Algorithm Notifications.
  • You can set up Trading Bots and follow our Copy Trading Service.

With the Premium Pro Subscription you get our Daily and Weekend Reports directly to your mailbox. Through the Premium Pro Dashboard you can access our Indicators so you can have a first opinion about the current market status. You can also view our Portfolio and access the Trading Report Archive so you educate yourself about what happened to the market in the recent past.

Through Telegram you can get alerts that are generated by our Crypto Advanced Trading Algorithm.

The Smart Pool is our Copy Trading Service which is available through the Zignaly Platform.  Open a Zignaly Exchange Account, make a USDT Deposit and then you can follow our instructions in the Tutorial Section in order to connect to our service.

The Premium Pro Subscription is ideal for those that do not have enough time to focus on trading and learning new techniques.

You can subscribe here and use your e mail and password to connect. When you log in remember to select the Remember Me option so you can log in directly without a password. We give you the ability to connect up to 3 devices to our platform. If you have any problem or question you can contact us at

The Trading Pro Subscription is ideal for those that are interested in becoming Top Traders. You get everything from the Premium Pro Subscription but furthermore you get access to the Trader Pro Dashboard. There you will find a Trading View Panel, Trading Indicators and most importantly you can apply to get access to our Crypto Advanced Trading Algorithm at the Trading View Platform. You can use our Algorithm to set up alerts and also set up trading bots.

You can subscribe to our Crypto Basics Platform and use the discount code free2020

You can apply to become an affiliate partner here. If you have already subscribed in our platform with your e mail account please use a second one to apply as an affiliate. Once we approve you, you will be able to create your affiliate link and get a 20% fee for every sale that we make to your audience for as long as the subscription lasts.

We accept debit and credit cards as mean of payment.

You will select the Subscription Management Button and you will be transferred to your Account Page where you can find and download all of your invoices.

In our E-Shop you will be able to buy special products that we create.

Please contact us for problems and questions that have to do about our services and how to use our platform.

You can also contact us to propose a strategic partnership.

Please do not contact us for matters that are not directly related to our services. We do not provide support for:

  • Questions for using other platforms.
  • Questions and requests from non subscribers to analyze Coins that are not in our portfolio.
  • Requests for support on how to use other platforms.