While 2018 has been a crypto winter for most cryptocurrencies and the mainstream media have stopped discussing the next upcoming Crypto currency bull run, 2019 is looking promising.

But what really is the opportunity for the blockchain? Are cryptocurrencies an investment or just a gamble? Are they utility tokens, digital money or digital assets? Should they be left alone or come under regulation and how much under it? Is it time to sell everything?or should we start paying attention to the first coherent regulatory attempts in UK, Europe and most recently in the US? Is it by chance that some of the largest banks in the world are setting up cryptocurrency trading desks while others building custodian services? Was that the end of it all or is this the start of new beginning as technology, regulation and participants come together?

These are just some of the questions that observers, participants and investors are asking right now. The time has come for people to see the true value of the blockchain as a technology, how it will impact industries and our lives in general as well as the real application that cryptocurrencies build on blockchain might have.

This was the main reason that we decided to join forces and start exploring and revealing the true value of the blockchain for the business world, and cryptocurrencies as alternative forms of money.Our lives crossed paths at one time around 2014 at the Dutch Embassy in Athens Greece where Athanasios was mentoring entrepreneurs. Athanasios has lived in the UK for over 18 years where his career took off as Portfolio Manager for Institutional Investors. He spent time in the US and now lives in Switzerland and I moved to London and set up my business consulting company. (Maybe you need to put a line or too about your business success as entrepreneur.)

There was always mutual respect and what really brought us together to partner up was our common interest for the blockchain, cryptoeconomics and cryptocurrencies and their impact to societies, and their true potential.

5 years after 2014 we are on the same side and share the same mission. To make Crypto Advanced one of the top premium content platforms for Business Blockchain Analysis. But we will not stay only on the analysis side. We are moving on to become one of the few 360 Blockchain Consulting Firms in Europe.

The point is not only to learn about the academic side of the blockchain but to go a step further and adopt it for your business. Consider what constitutes a successful blockchain powered company, feel close to innovation, even build bridges to take advantage of investment or trading opportunities. Blockchain is here to stay, think for example how is AI and the blockchain going to change the business of tomorrow and how are you going to be the winner?

Join us and work with us to take your business to the next level. Learn how you can create your own digital economy and how the creation of your crypto asset (i.e. a token)may offer you new revenue streams.

This is the key to unlock the real potential of cryptocurrencies as part of the crypto economy ecosystem and see how businesses and consumers are graduallybecoming active participants in this ecosystem. They do thatby creating their inner economies and thus fueling a lively cryptocurrency environment that could offer potentially ample trading and investment opportunities.

But which cryptocurrencies will make it through and thrive? Which are the winners of the next day? Are they going to live up to the expectation and the volume? Is their infrastructure ready or are we going to live another 2018 when everything went down when people started to notice and tried to buy? Keeping in mind that a declining market might offer equally good opportunities to trade as that of an upward trending market.

We are not stopping here though. We will be examining the Crypto Stars of 2018 and assessing their recovery or notbut we will go one step further. We will be discovering what are the next business models and cryptocurrencies that are going to rock the market and full the engines of the next Crypto Stars and how these models can be transferred to your business.

Join us and let’s explore this unique world together. Subscribe to our premium newsletters and come and meet us in one of our coming Crypto Advanced Conferences. We want not only to inform you about this unique technology but bring it to your front door. Come and be the next star. Transform yourself into an opinion leader that will guide the change.See firsthand how the blockchain can change your life and business. Be part of it and experience quality networking at its best.

We would like to welcome you on board, and we are looking forward to unveiling what the future is holding for us together.

See you soon!