CUDOS Decentralised Compute Network


CUDOS is a decentralised compute network providing a trusted layer 2 oracle network for blockchains, by connecting blockchain developers to the global off-chain Cudo platform, for scalable cloud resources. Founded in 2017 by award winning tech entrepreneur Matt Hawkins, Cudo’s highly experienced team of entrepreneurs, data scientists and strategists, are joined by world class advisors including the Ex-President of Sony Entertainment Europe and ‘Father of the Playstation,’ Chris Deering and the Director of Blockchain for AMD, Jörg Roskowetz with the mission to:

‘Make Better Use of the World’s Computing Power’

With the underlying Cudo platform live in over 145 countries, across enterprise and edge environments, the CUDOS validator network is an end-to-end encrypted bridge between on-chain and off-chain resources, powering smart contracts, DeFi and the internet. The CUDOS token is available to Buy privately, Stake for compute workloads, Earn for validators receiving up to 10% staking rewards per annum and Use by the network consumers.

Noticeable partners include AMD, W3BCLOUD, Hydro66, Verne Global, Red Building Capital, Outlier Ventures and many more.

The CUDOS private sale is now open:

Strategic Round: $1m at $0.003 per token – 12 month daily vesting, 0 lockup

Round 2: $1m at $0.0045 per token – 6 month daily vesting, 0 lockup

Public sale: min $1m at $0.006 per token

Total supply: 10bn CUDOS

Initial supply: 722m CUDOS 

Buy, Stake, Earn & Use

CUDOS – The Scalable Compute Network, powering smart contracts, DeFi and the internet

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