Crypto Advanced Trading Algorithm Terms of use and Tutorial

Dear Subscribers welcome to our page for the Crypto Advanced Trading Algorithm that includes the terms of use and the instructions.

Terms of use

The algorithm that we have developed is built with the Pine Editor in the Trading View Platform as an indicator and can be adjusted to find application on every cryptocurrency chart (default setting) but also for specific coins (see below). You must not consider this algorithm as a guidance to trade cryptocurrencies. We do not have any responsibility for trade losses that came from trade decisions that any client may have made based on our algorithm. By using our algorithm you accept our terms.


In order to gain access to our algorithm in Trading View you must be active as a Trader Pro Subscriber in our platform. Please do to your Trader Pro Platform and use the form to send us your e mail (which you used to subscribe to our platform) and your Trading View Username. If you have not created an account in the Trading View platform press here to open an account. You do not have to buy a subscription at the Trading View Platform to use our algorithm. You will only have to buy a subscription if you want to set up permanent trade alerts.

As soon as you send us your Trading View Username and e mail we will invite you through the Trading View Platform to start using our Algorithm.

You can now go to the Indicators Section.

Go to the Invite-Only Scripts Section and there you will find the Crypto_Advanced_Official_Algorithm_EMA

Add the Crypto_Advanced_Official_Algorithm_EMA to your favorite indicators and then you can add it to your chart.

Our algorithm has a default setting and 20 more settings for specific coins. These Coins are:


 You can use the Default setting for any cryptocurrency chart.

Once you add the algorithm to your chart go to the session settings.

Our Algorithm is suitable to work on the 5H,Daily,Weekly and Monthly Charts. Do not change the Indicator Time frame Setting.

 If you have the MACD Indicator in your chart change the settings to 8,13,9.

If you want to select the custom algorithm for each coin firstly go to that coin chart and secondly open the settings and from the Session drop down list select the same coin as well.

At the Style Settings you will find 6 setting options. Do not change the Precision Setting.

Bull Buy: It is a signal indicator for possible entries or re entries during a bullish price move.

Bear Buy: It is a signal indicator for indicating that a bearish move is about to end and the trend is about to turn from a downtrend to an uptrend. The best case is when you get a double or triple Bear Buy. When you see a red cross from the EMA CROSS Indicator always ignore the first two Bear Buy Signals.

Exit: It is a signal indicator for presenting all possible exit points for a bullish move. It is sensitive to all possible trend changes.

Trade Buy: It is a signal indicator to suggest an entry. It is ideal to combine this with the bear buy signal in order to make sure that the trend is changing. It is also ideal to use it when the MACD Indicator is below a red iceberg.

Trade Sell: It is a signal indicator to suggest a sell.

This is how your chart will look like.

As mentioned above the Yellow Signal (Bear Buy) is a possible entry point and trend change indication during a bearish move.

Beware after a red cross from the EMA Cross Indicator it is best to consider an entry after the second bear buy and even better if you get a Trade Buy as well. 

The Green Signal (Bull Buy) is a possible entry point when the chart is bullish.

The Purple Signal (Exit) is a possible exit point during a bullish move.

The Blue Signal (Trade Exit) is a suggestion to buy and the Red Signal (Trade Sell) is a suggestion to sell.

You can use our EMA Cross Filter so you can deactivate the trade alerts during a downtrend. Our EMA Cross settings are 10 30.

We also suggest that you watch our Trading Report where we analyze the use of our algorithm on a daily basis.

How to set up Alerts for our Algorithm in Trading View 

Right click on any label and select the add alert on Crypto_Advanced_Official_Alg option.

Condition: On the Condition Option do not change the 1st tab. Go the second tab and select the Signal Type on which you wish to set up an alert. The options are Bull Buy,Bear Buy,Exit,Trade Buy,Trade Sell.

Options: If you wish to get permanent alerts or wish to connect a Trading Bot then we suggest that you select the Once Per Bar Option. This will trigger a signal when the condition is met during the formation of the candle. This gives you a speed advantage for an immediate trade but there is always the risk (especially at the 5H and Daily Charts) for the candle to change and overwrite the condition.If you want to avoid this risk then select the Once Per Bar Close. With this option you will make sure that the trend is real but you will not buy or sell at the precise point of the signal trigger.

Expiration Time: If you are an active Trader and want to use a Trading Bot then we suggest that you become a Premium Subscriber at Trading View so you can select the Open Ended Option.

Alert Actions: We suggest that you select the basic ones (Show pop-up) because otherwise you will get numerous notifications and this can get exhausting. Select the Webhook URL if you want to connect a third party platform that usually provide a link that you copy and paste into this tab.

Alert Name: We suggest that you type in the name of the third party application you are connecting and then the cryptocurrency pair and the chart type and the alert type.. For example 3COMMAS BTCUSDT 5H TRADE BUY. If you are not connecting any application then type the cryptocurency pair, the timeframe and the type of the alert. For example: BTCUSDT 5H TRADE BUY.

Message:Many Third Party Platforms and Application provide a specific type of code that you have to copy and paste into this tab. Please read carefully their tutorials in order to paste the correct line of code. If you are not connecting a third platform leave the text as it is.

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