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We started the Crypto Advanced Newsletter back in 2018. It has been a long and valuable journey. We have produced over 2000 Trading Reports and have worked on numerous projects. In 2020 we worked on a full scale crypto project and had to find out everything around a crypto project real needs. So now we in position to offer a 360 services package to any Company. We can support any Company to other tokenize their business or start their own cryptocurrency. Please review our services and use the contact form to ask for further information.

Every Crypto Project starts from a token or coin. The most important step in starting your own Crypto Company is to decide what type of token you want. Will it be a Coin or a Token? Which is the utility behind your token? Which blockchain technology are you going to choose? ERC-20, BSC-20, TRC-20? And depending on what you select you must then explore the legal side of your token model to see how you can comply with your local laws and restrictions. The Crypto Advanced Agency can design your token or coin according to your needs and also provide a legal assessment about it.

The whitepaper is the heart of any crypto project. In this document you must provide all information about the project and most importantly inspire. You must share your vision and how you are going to make it a reality. You must explain what the need is in the Crypto market today specifically for your coin or token. Furthermore, you must present your tokenomics and most importantly your roadmap. The list of actions that are going to lead your coin to the future. This information is very important when it comes to drafting a whitepaper. The Crypto Advanced Agency can design your whitepaper according to your needs starting from the business plan and also the document design.

Every Crypto project must have a very strong visual identity and graphics design package. You must not only convince with your whitepaper but also inspire with your corporate identity. A Company Branding Package includes Logo design, site design, business presentation, business cards, and anything that has to do with your project. The Crypto Advanced Agency can provide the full spectrum of company branding services.

Before you spend any capital for your crypto project you must first conduct a legal assessment so you can be sure that your project is feasible. And after the initial assessment you must get a legal opinion that will determine the category of your project coin or token. Then you are also able to start your Crypto Company. The Crypto Advanced Agency can provide legal assessment and legal opinion services for your project. We can also provide Company Foundation packages.

Once you complete your whitepaper and your Tokenomics and have received a legal opinion about your Token and Company then you can proceed with generating your token or coin. This is directly connected to the Blockchain Technology that you will decide to use. The Crypto Advanced Agency can provide full technological support for your token generation. NFT’s token generation is also supported.

Every token or cryptocurrency may support different functionalities. For this reason, it must be connected to different protocols. The Crypto Advanced Agency can offer full smart contract design services.

The Crypto Advanced Agency can provide a full spectrum of services for blockchain software development such as: Crypto Wallets, NFT’s Marketplace, Decentralized Finance Applications, Staking Platforms etc.

The Crypto Advanced Agency can plan and execute a full plan for Initial Coin Offerings, Initial Decentralized Offerings, and Initial Exchange Offerings. Depending on the type of your cryptocurrency we can provide the full design and execution of your cryptocurrency offering. From the Site to the KYC process and the cold wallets set up in order to receive the investors funds.

Every Crypto Project must invest in quality marketing services. These may include Facebook ads, Google Ads, promotion in telegram, LinkedIn, and collaboration with YouTube Influencers. Publications in major crypto media and sites must also be planned. The Crypto Advanced Agency can plan the best marketing plan according to your budget. We can also provide content creation services and manage your community growth.

There are two kinds of Crypto Exchanges. Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) such as Uniswap and Pancake Swap and Centralized Exchanges (CEX) such as Binance, Kraken, Kucoin, Coinbase, OKX etc. The Crypto Advanced Agency can provide centralized exchange listing services with exact costs but also manage the listing application process. We can also support you to list on decentralized exchanges.

The Crypto Advanced Agency can provide full services for listing at Coingecko and CoinMarketCap. The service package includes preparing all the relevant material as for classifying your token holder addresses.

We can support you in preparing your Company and tokenomics model so you are attractive to investors that would wish to participate at private token sale. The Crypto Advanced Agency can support you in becoming investor friendly so you can either sell tokens or equity from your Company. This will include preparing a financial model, a pitch deck and an offer for investors. Furthermore, the Crypto Advanced Agency will be responsible for taking your value proposition to Crypto Investors.

Every Cryptocurrency Company has many needs when it comes to its operations. From outsourcing customer support to community management there are a lot of needs. The Crypto Advanced Agency can provide such services according to each client’s specific needs.

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